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Conformation Show, Club Trial & Breed Survey January 24-26, 2020         (Entry deadline for breed survey and ZAP is January 9, 2020)

(Entry deadline for trial and conformation show is January 19, 2020)

Judge: SV Körmeister Harald Hohmann


Friday, January 24, 2020

07:30 Check-in for Trial

16:00 – 18:00 Meet and Greet with Harald Hohmann at event location

Saturday, January 25, 2020

08:00 Check-in for AD

11:00 Check-in for SV Breed Survey

15:00 Check-in for SV Temperament Test

18:00 Judge’s Dinner at event location ($30 if payment is submitted by entry close, $40 after) Dinner is held at a private residence. Meal price includes wine and beer. Anyone who has attended this dinner at one of our previous events will tell you that it is a fantastic evening and well worth the price.

Sunday, January 26, 2020

08:00 Check-in for Conformation Show

09:00 Show start


The Days Inn and Holiday Inn in Peachtree City, GA allow dogs:

Days Inn Peachtree City, GA

Holiday Inn Peachtree City, GA


Judge’s Bio:

Harald Hohmann (SV)

Mr. Hohmann joined the SV in 1977 and has been on the board of his Landesgroup since 1994. Since 2007 he has been the chairman of Landesgroup Baden in Southwest Germany. He has trained many German Shepherds in Schutzhund and has competed often on all levels of trials. Herr Hohmann has been a working judge since 1987 and is also a show judge and “Körmeister”.

He breeds dogs under the kennel name of “von Melanchthon.” He scored numerous notable successes at trials and confirmation shows, at least he got several VA- titles with his dogs!

He was appointed to judge the protection of the German Siegershow three times and in 2017 he judged the young dog class females.

In his professional life, Herr Hohmann is a police officer and in charge of a large K-9 department in Baden-Württemberg, Germany. He has been a K-9 handler and competed with police dogs on every level, including the Bundessiegerprüfung.

It is an honor to welcome Mr. Hohmann to our event.


Previous Results

Universal Hundesport

Conformation Show

August 24-25, 2019

Working Class Males

V1 Vitali von der Bärenschlucht

V2 Zambo vom Holtkämper Hof

V3 Kroso von Media

V4 Xago vom Drache Feld

V5 Cai Kevin Timeless

SG1 E.T. von der Salztal-Höhe

G1 Xac Venusina Sopka


Working Class Males LSH

V1 Jack vom Haus Freier


Working Class Females

V1 Sammy von Lotta

V2 Capri von den Oher Tannen

V3 Dakota von Bickaro

V4 Prisca van’t Aardshof


Working Class Females LSH

V1 Liberty vom Tuchscherer


Open Class Females

SG1 Tesla vom Drache Feld

SG2 Hatchet vom Zwillingshaus

SG3 Ellie Canine Extreme

SG4 Vida vom Vollkommen


Young Dog Females

SG1 Nova Canine Extreme

SG2 Maple Canine Extreme

G1 Xio Z Weberhaus


Young Dog Females LSH

SG1 Fara vom Grunwaldhaus


Young Dog Males

SG1 Hector von Lotta

SG2 Malcom Canine Extreme


Young Dog Males LSH

SG1 Optimo Gim


Youth Females

SG1 Vienna vom Essweiler Tal

SG2 Buca vom Klausener Grund

SG3 Oaklynn von den Oher Tannen

SG4 Quenzi von den Oher Tannen

SG5 Vega Canine Extreme

G1 E2 Estrada vom Haus Dyer


Youth Males

SG1 Rollo von Bienenwald

SG2 Vanos vom Essweiler Tal

SG3 Hulky vom Holtkämper Hof


Youth Males LSH

SG1 V Chickhoff Xavi

SG2 Kratmosens Armstrong


Senior Puppy Females

VP1 Jemma von Lotta

P1 Uwarrie’s Anja

P2 Eva vom Vollkommen


Senior Puppy Males

VP1 Whip von den Oher Tannen


Junior Puppy Females

VP1 Bacardi Team vom Holtkämper Hof

VP2 Chava Canine Extreme

VP3 Brava Canine Extreme


Junior Puppy Females LSH

VP1 Cerra vom Bierstadter Hof


Baby Puppy Females

VP1 Ulva vom Orenburg

VP2 Maui von Lotta

VP3 Irona vom Zwillingshaus

VP4 Thelma Mavic Poland


Baby Puppy Females LSH

VP1 Kyky Team vom Demina Hof

VP2 Krystal Team vom Demina Hof


Baby Puppy Males

VP1 Sampson von Nix

VP2 Everest Canine Extreme


Breed Surveys – Lifetime

Macho vom Team Hühnegrab – Pass

Rapi Esprit – Pass

Frieda von den Oher Tannen – Pass


Breed Surveys – 2020/2021

E.T. von der Salztal-Höhe – Pass

Zambo vom Holtkämper Hof – Pass

Orania von den Oher Tannen – Pass

Chi Chi vom Mittelwest – Pass





Few Highlights from Previous Event