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Conformation Show & Breed Survey August 24-25, 2019  (Entry deadline is August 19, 2019)

Judge: SV Körmeister Franz-Peter Knaul

Tentative Schedule

Friday, August 23, 2019

16:00 – 18:00 Meet and Greet with Peter Knaul at event location

Saturday, August 24, 2019

08:00 Check-in for Conformation Show

09:00 Show start

18:00 Judge’s Dinner at event location ($30 if payment is submitted by entry close, $40 after) Dinner is held at a private residence. Meal price includes wine and beer. Anyone who has attended this dinner at one of our previous events will tell you that it is a fantastic evening and well worth the price.

Sunday, August 25, 2019

07:00 Check-in for AD

09:00 Check-in for Breed Survey

The Hilton and Holiday Inn in Peachtree City, GA allow dogs:

Days Inn Peachtree City


Judge’s Bio: Mr. Franz-Peter Knaul comes to the USA Sieger Show from Berlin, Germany where he resides and runs a business.

Mr. Knaul has been an SV Judge since 1996 and a Koermeister since the year 2000. He is one of the SV’s most recognized and popular judges around the World. His judging responsibilities have taken him to over 30 countries Worldwide including many Sieger Shows.

Mr. Knaul has been breeding with the SV registered kennel name “vom Essweiler Tal” since 1969. He is currently in his 8th generation of breeding within the same line. Many famous dogs have come from his kennel, including the SG 10 male at the 2002 Sieger Show- V1 Erich vom Essweiler Tal, SchH3, KKL1-a.

It is an honor to welcome Mr. Knaul to our event.


Universal Hundesport

Conformation Show, AD & Breed Survey

March 3 – 4, 2018



Breed Survey

Major vom Schloß Rügland                                   Pronounced, Life

Hudgins Vikar                                                          Pronounced, 2019/20

Paul vom Ketscher Wald                                        Pronounced, 2019/20

Moose vom Hügelblick                                           Pronounced, 2019/20

Maisy von den Oher Tannen                                 Pronounced, Life

Calisee El Dorado                                                    Pronounced, 2019/20

Trexa von der Ostfriesischen Thingstätte          Pronounced, Life

Prada vom Externstein                                          Pronounced, Life

Vella von den Oher Tannen                                  Pronounced, Life

Fedra von Arlett                                                      Sufficient, 2019/20

Atzi vom Haus Tyson                                             Pronounced, Life

Luna von den Oher Tannen                                  Pronounced, Life


Hudgins Vikar                                                                          Pass

ET von der Salztal-Höhe                                                        Pass

Vira von der Tetiaroa                                                              Pass

Calisee El Dorado                                                                    Pass

Newton von den Oher Tannen                                              Pass

Didi Mihapa                                                                              Pass



Conformation Show

3-6 month Females

VP1 Isny von den Oher Tannen                              (Fritz v Oasis & Frieda v d Oher Tannen)

VP2 Jessabell von Picone                                        (Finn v d Piste Trophe & Wanta von Ropal)

VP3 Grace vom Drache Feld                                   (Matty v Marketal & Lexi v d Renderau)

VP4 Grace Abounding von den Oher Tannen     (Paxx v d Oher Tannen & Luna v d Oher Tannen)

VP5 Insta Canine Extreme                                      (Kongo v d Freiheit Westerholt & Maggy v d Warsteiner Quellen)

3-6 month Males Long Stock  

VP1 Boss Godwin Sven                                            (Cash v Arkanum & Mishka Bad-Ball vom CBK)

3-6 month Males

VP1 Finn vom Drache Feld                                     (M’Razz vom Haus Juris & Quanta v d Plassenburg)

VP2 Jet von Picone                                                  (Finn v d Piste Trophe & Wanta v Ropal)

VP3 Henko von der Reck-Kamensche Heide     (Henko v Holtkämper Hof & Wicki v d Reck-Kamensche Heide)

6-9 month Females

VP1 Nena von der Reckenfelder Heide                  (Keule vom Holtkämper Hof & Gracy vom Reeshoop)

VP2 Xyla von Rikah-Haus                                        (Nando von Bellissimo & Nanna v Leithawald)

VP3 Alsa vom Kimberlin Dey Haus                         (Vegas Feetback & Yazz v Noort)

6-9 month Males Long Stock

VP1 Valor Kevin Timeless                                          (Gary v Hühnegrab & Belissima Kevin Timeless)

6-9 month Males

VP1 Yankee aus Gerstbrei                                          (Kayos a Nummer-Eins & Karma a Gerstbrei)

9-12 month Females

VP1 Brea von den Oher Tannen                              (Paxx v d Oher Tannen & Demi v d Oher Tannen)

VP2 Ilana von Picone                                                (Paxx v d Oher Tannen & Yala v Arline)

VP3 Hatchet vom Zwillingshaus                             (Schuman v Tronje & Amy v d Zenteiche)

VP4 Fergie von den Oher Tannen                           (Paxx v d Oher Tannen & Kysha v d Zenteiche)

VP5 Destin Canine Extreme                                     (Fight v Holtkämper Hof & Maggy v d Warsteiner Quellen)

VP6 Dedsemona von den Oher Tannen                 (Malko v Sankt Raphael & Portia v d Oher Tannen)

9-12 month Females Long Stock

VP1 Tuba vom Fanino                                                (Willas v Aurelisbrandt & Coco Sidereus Canis)

9-12 month Males Long Stock

VP1 Anakin vom Drache Feld                                   (Caleb v Haus Dagenhart & Siri v Drache Feld)

VP2 Daario von den Oher Tannen                          (Malko v Sankt Raphael & Portia v d Oher Tannen)

VP3 Klaus von Warin Engel of Northwinds           (Dexter Cromonata & Egga v Mining)

9-12 month Males

VP1 Dark Night Knockout Canine Extreme           (Fight v Holtkämper Hof & Maggy v d Warsteiner Quellen)

VP2 Draco von Keene Dietrich                                (Nik v Walk N Tall & Mishka Vacker Engel Long)

12-18 month Females

SG1 Dakota vom Bickaro                                           (Whillo v Klostermoor & Zara v Globalhaus)

SG2 Xara von Tetiaroa                                               (Cidman v Wolfsdreieck & Atzi v Haus Tyson)

12-18 month Males Long Stock

SG1 Konig Leonidas von Godwin                              (Panjo v Ljulin & Gloria v Musehaus)

12-18 month Males

SG1 Xago von Drache Feld                                           (Matty v Marketal & Gigi v Unterholz)

SG2 Arixx von den Oher Tannen                                (Whillo v Klostermoor & Yalena v d Oher Tannen)

SG3 Gondor vom Ragnar                                              (Enox v Leithawald & Abba v Ragnar)

SG4 Bocephus von Savanna                                         (Schumann v Tronje & Fedra v Arlett)

SG5 Cai Kevin Timeless                                                 (Cronos del Seprio & Belissima Kevin Timeless)

18 – 24 month Females Long Stock

SG1 Sula vom Drache Feld                                            (Matty v Marketal &Quanta v d Plassenburg)

SG2 Telsa vom Hühnegrab                                            (Gary v Hühnegrab &Coco v Hühnegrab)

18 – 24 month Females

SG1 Quany von den Oher Tannen                                (Quoran d’Ulmental & Juliette v d Oher Tannen)

SG2 Sophie vom Drache Feld                                        (Matty v Marketal &Quanta v d Plassenburg)

SG3 Lady Mecca Johnson von Couceiro                      (Schumann v Tronje & Whitney vom Suentelstein)

18 – 24 month Males

SG1 Newton von den Oher Tannen                               (Paxx v d Oher Tannen & Fayette v d Oher Tannen)

Open Females Long Stock

SG1 Oleanna vom Haus Merkel                                     (Nero v Schlicher Hof & Zessa v Haus Merkel)

Open Females

Westa von der Bergdorfer Heide                                   (Hugh v Eichenplatz & Ocean v d Bergdorfer Heide)

Open Males

SG1 Didi Mihapa                                                                (Nobert Aritar Bastet & Qwerta Kedorb)

Veteran Males

1 Fight vom Holtkämper Hof                                           (Peik v Holtkämper Hof & Liselotte v Holtkämper Hof)

2 Paxx von den Oher Tannen                                           (Yoker v Westervenn & Olivia v Tronje)

Working Class Females

V1 Barca vom Zellwaldrand                                              (Patrick v Grabfeldgau & Xena v Zellwaldrand)

V2 Imba von der Plassenburg                                           (Ballack v d Brucknerallee & Diva v d Plassenburg)

V3 Frieda von den Oher Tannen                                      (Paxx v d Oher Tannen & Harlow v d Oher Tannen)

SG1 Fedra von Arlett                                                           (Remo v Fichtenschlag & Napoli v Arlett)

SG2 Calisee El Dorado                                                        (Gonso v Wiertal & Aurora El Dorado)

Working Class Males

V1 Keule vom Holtkämper Hof                                          (Pacco v Langenbungert & Rieke v Holtkämper Hof)

V2 Luke von den Oher Tannen                                           (Nick v Hanneß & Demi v d Oher Tannen)

V3 Zeppo vom Leithawald                                                   (Quoran d’Ulmental & Rieke v Leithawald)

V4 Dasti Emsi-Haus                                                              (Dasty v Melanchthon & Zoraja Feetback)

V5 Major vom Schloß Rügland                                            (Djambo v Fichtenschlag & Ronja v Schloß Rügland)

V6 Valley von der Urbecke                                                    (Keule v Holtkämper Hof & Wanka v Ickerner Schlössle)

SG1 Franco von Picone                                                          (Schumann v Tronje & Yala v Arline)

SG2 Moose vom Hügelblick                                                  (Bac v d Siebengebirgsperle & Layla v Hügelblick)





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